The last session was full of emotions, gratitude, flashbacks of beautiful journeys, individuals sharing their experiences, and lifelong learning . The three month fellowship had a great impact on our life.

At the start of the session our facilitator arranged a fun activity “Scavenger hunt” where we had to solve…

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t walk run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.”

The first two weeks of Amal Journey were wonderful .To interact with the wonderful people and have constructive discussions. The Energy level of our beloved Program Manage and Program Associate during sessions were quite remarkable.Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”

The 3-month Amal Fellowship had a great impact on my personal/professional growth. The weekend sessions, mega project , online courses, one-on-one sessions, mock interviews, and group discussion played a vital role in our professional grooming. There are a number of activities which keep my intention and are really inspiring.


The Pomodoro is time management technique, which is used to avoid the distraction during the work and utilize every second. The method is very simple, firstly decide the task ; then you should set clock for 25 minutes and start working on the work, then you must take break of…

The Amal Totkay has broaden up our perception and mindset. The following are discussed one by one.

  1. Self Talk: The best approach to analyze your week point is your self assessment, by knowing your personally. You can do it by practicing with your own self.
  2. Get Out of Your Comfort…

We are living in an era of digital world and modernization. Human beings need fundamental necessities (house, food, health care, cloth, transportation) to live a comfortable life. Beside these all needs the most fundamental is the basic Education and Character Building.

Problem Statement:

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and facing…

My First Goal: I will be doing my present Job in Industrial Units for almost 2 years till 2023 and get the Field Experience, Polish my Interpersonal Skill. Then targeting my dream Job in a Multinational Company.

Tasks: The Following are the immediate three task which I will do,

  1. Following…

I have Joined my first job on 8 march,2021 while doing a job in a messy environment will ultimately effects your performance.

While the reading the PW of fixing your stuff, the first thing come in my mind that is to have clean up mission of office setting area.

Office Before Clean Up.


Muhammad Shoaib

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